Desired Fantasy. Lost Destiny…

Play before you read, if it stops, replay..

Standing above a bridge, glaring across the beautiful ocean.

Hearing the clashing of the water against the walls of the metal build.

He stands there, behind you. Unknowingly, you turn to face him, such a familiar face.

Words aren’t spoken, too afraid to ruin the moment of unity.

The joy that gloats silently in your heart, soaring through his eyes as if they could speak of who he was.

That face, so familiar; you want to reach out and touch it, just to feel the warmth, the softness of his flesh but you resist.

The winds blow and with it the water, the chemistry signals nerves causes shivers to freely rave your body. You know him, not sure of who he is.

Time passes, which seems irrelevant to you, staring into silence prolonged your true intentions, the joining with the one you were destined to be with, not this familiar face.

Your love arrives, curiously observing, nothing said. Assembling your hands together, you begin to walk along the bridge glaring back at the familiar face, still searching through memories, yearning to place a name for his soul.

You remember. Quickly, unconsciously, letting go of your love’s hand to return to the lost familiar face. You remember the love once felt for that person. Embracing in a warm hug, as your love stands afar, a tad bit hurt but more of puzzled. He observes the warmth, the joy placed on each face as old lovers reunite, lost friends. Clearly identifying the love once dominate that was brutally demolished by separation, lost of touch.

Longing to reunite before this encounter but failed to; for his time had passed.

Finding it hard to release you from his arms, a tear drops. A tear a man only sheds when love has returned but soon to leave.

To lose what you once had only to become a desired fantasy, lost destiny. Once his, never to return.



  1. If you don’t mind me writing my own…

    At the bay, sitting on the end of the dock, staring into the midnight sky glaring at the full moon..

    As the lucid thoughts of what could never be, become reality…

    The love he has never seen before he feels again as she stares at him from afar.. He stares knowing he could never reach her.

    Her eyes said, “Why do you not chase me?”

    His heart said, “I know what you are and you are everything I’ve been looking for.”

    Her eyes said, “Then why do you not chase me?”

    His heart said, “Because I can not see you.”

    Awakened by a fish splashing in the night.. He remembers his loneliness, as he looks back at the full moon, wishing he could once again see his dream girl’s eyes who could see his heart’s desires…

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