Married To Nonsense…

How can you turn nonsense into valid sense? Into truth? Or even spoken words?

I tried but I always get stuck in a looping hole full of bull that never makes sense.

Venting is “suppose” to help but it doesn’t, only because words fail to form when you don’t know what’s bothering you.

I babble on about problems that have no meaning; never transitioning into a well needed solution. Always unclear and leaving no signs of overcoming, only far worse to come, like i broke a  mirror which unleashed 7 years of irreversible  bad luck.

Thats me.

The jinx.

God leads me, I follow; I lose footing and fall astray, losing the sight of God, the truth, the right path. Clumsy me, what should I do now?

To sit and unravel the nonsense bundled in my head would take me years, decades, so I stick with them; wife with them, stuck in a marriage “till death do us part”.

No more worries. I’ll set them aside and go on through life carrying my baggage; like an old homeless lady with her suitcase of clothes. Even in her darkest days, struggling to pull it along, she pushes, knowing that that’s all she has left, without it, she’s empty.


This is nonsense, without meaning, no form, no boundaries, no limits but the more of it I write, the less I get stuck with, slowly divorcing the senseless thoughts and moving on to reality.



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