You may have gotten yourself tangled up in a deep mental drama over a series of recent incidents, Scorpio. Your mind may be working overtime in order to solve the riddles. It’s quite possible that the reality of the situation is that you’re simply making a big deal over nothing. Today is one of those days in which you will face the harsh reality that comes as a consequence of your over-the-top thinking.

As much as I don’t believe that shit, sometimes it makes sense.

Horoisssh are read randomly when boredom overtakes me. It amuses me and I find quite a bit of excitement from what the stars may have spoken.


What planets were aligned to predict the fate of this exact moment. Sharing what’s not known to others, foreseeing the future, setting our paths.

Its all bull.

You’re not God, although you have been read religiously causing people to bend down to your words and seek new paths to follow for the day. Yes, I said FOLLOW. When people wake up, they seek “it’s” guidance; no one is knowledgeable enough to know EXACTLY what they plan to do for the day. Yes, they may have pre-planned the day beforehand, but we all know things don’t always play out the way we intended.

We, as people, are meant to walk the face of the earth simple-minded, gaining knowledge day by day from making mistakes, losing battles, giving up; that’s how we learn. We are not guided physically throughout our day but mentally, however, we have set ourselves on different goals. Some follow the path to Christ others seek guidance elsewhere, like horoscopes.

If you read them, I have no problem with that, it’s not my business only a matter of opinion. I do advise you to research what you’re reading before you read it. It will forever be labelled “HOROISSSH” on my behalf!



  1. I think its true.. Even though many in the past worshipped the stars, planets, and astrology in general, and it may not be our custom, it still has significance somehow. Like numerology, one has to connect the dots. In my opinion, God is not the only answer for guidance, He is just the guaranteed source. God created the universe with a purpose, the purpose depends on you.

  2. I think they are like most things in life…you have to find the meaning of it for yourself. It may or may not be true, but it gets you to think about yourself and try and find some significance.

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