Love My Inner Beauty…

Imagine how she feels. The girl who yearns to be pretty, failing to realize the beauty she already possesses exceeds the definition of the word “beauty” itself.

Left to swim in a pool of insecurity, caused from heartless depraved souls who tampered with the meaning of “beauty”, placing labels on bodily features, not first viewing what matters most, your inner beauty.

Nothing seems to matter anymore. At one point in time, a person was “beautiful” because of who they were before a “cute face” and “fat ass” ever mattered. What changed, better yet, why the change?

Sometimes I swear I have no idea whose glaring back at me in the mirror. I stare at her, mimicking her movements knowing that I’m not her. I’ve been called anything from cute to beautiful sometimes even ugly but what strikes that initial thoughts? Without words, you categorize my features, with words, you label my heart. Is that fair to me? Words don’t faze me anymore because I love myself, as uncertain as I may be of “who I am”, I am still in deep affection with myself. We should learn to establish a love within before we seek love without because not loving ourselves enough will allow others to abuse us with the “love” they claim to have for us. Find inner beauty within yourself, as time matures, that beauty will evolve into more than me can imagine.

Never allow envy to stride through you. The thought of affection someone else may receive from many others may not be the best encouragement you can strive for. Push harder. Live. Laugh. Love.


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