Entwined in the Hearts & Minds of Women…

Today, a tweet was posted on Twitter that I found quite an interest in. A friend of mine, Quentin (CleverJenks), posted:

“For men and women to be completely equal, religion has to be changed.”

At that moment, I became puzzled and had to know what he meant, so I asked him to explain. His explanation was simple, he replied:

“For example, throughout every religion the man is on top head of everything.”

Although his explanation did not go into depth, I could fully understand his main outreach. Men have an overpowering demeanor in almost everything that is done on earth. It all goes back to Biblical times, as we have all heard of Adam and his loving wife Eve.

As the conversation began to deepen, we spoke about understanding the mind of a women. My comment was very profound, I stated,

“You can never understand a woman, she only lets you in on what SHE wants you to know. We hold back a lot, men always think we give our all.”

This may not be entirely true but for the most part, it is very much so. I believe a women never allows a man to enter the gates of her mind. Letting a man in could cause full empowerment and destruct what was rightfully hers.

As for me, I never allow someone to enter my mind; the only person that has peek through the gates long enough to blueprint it is my boyfriend, Alex. Even now, it frustrates me to know that he knows me well enough to connect with me so easily.

Quentin and I went on and speaking on the subject, he said, his class was allowing him to get a better understanding on how to deal with us, women.

In response, I told him,

“You can never be taught how to understand women but just have to live and learn how to deal.”

Stating that he had a better understanding of our minds, he went on to elaborate on what he’s been taught,

“Your mind isn’t hard to understand, men just don’t want to take the time to pay attention.”

His comment made me laugh, without processing a thought I responded,

“Yes it is. You don’t know me well enough to say you “know” me as a person. You simply know me as an individual you find interest in. Men make it very easy for women to take advantage of their lack of attention, which leads to manipulating them.”

The battle begun, his response,

“Your experiences make you a different and you’re not going to tell the personal things about you but I can still understand.”

I repeated the reason of his understanding, notifying him that the only reason he “understood” me was because I ALLOWED him to.

Then he flipped the tables, asking if I understood him.

With a simple response, I stated, I didn’t choose to.

His response,

“But why not, I understand women. I don’t have to know them in and out to understand. I don’t pass judgment or have a misconception at first glance.”

His argument was sincere, but I wasnt giving up. My response, took a twist,

“Well, that’s you. When I look at a person, I find details on their facial features, body movement, or the way they speak, just to get a bit of background. Maybe that’s just me.”

In defense, his response,

“But that could be false assumption, that dampers that person in your mind.”

His response was true, but I still found fault and responded,

“True but it could also be proven by simply having a conversation with that person. Just by one conversation, you can learn a lot about a single person.”

He then spoke about how he’s learned a lot about me but understood me to an extent.

Again, my response was clear,

“I let you understand me to that extent. For all you know, it could all be made up, you don’t KNOW me well enough to decipher my lies from the truth or vice versa.”

Puzzled, he asked a rhetorical  question, which I answered anyway, asking if I was lying to him & also if he could come to understand me.

In my response,

“I’m not lying to you but I’ve just injected that thought into your mind, having you rethink all that I’ve told you. Understanding me should not be your focus.”

The battle continued, his response,

“I have come to realize that women and men are the same, very much so. They may do things a little different but 8/10 their ways are the same. You just have to pay attention to their similarities.”

His point was clearly made. I told him the only person that could vouch  for that was my boyfriend because he is honestly the only person that has opened me up and read me like a book. However, I also stated,

“No one else is like me, thinks like me, looks like me. I am who I am and men are who they are, similarities or not.”

He responded powerfully, stating,

“That is not entirely true, your mind changes to fit the person you WANT to be with. You create, and sometimes, lie with your similarities. Just because your with someone, man or woman, doesn’t mean they think like you, you just want to think like them, so you do. It’s not there already.”

That stunned me. I told him it was a good point and began writing this blog so the conversation never concluded.

This is just an intake on how men and women think. You be the judge.

Are men and women truly equal, speaking on as a mental level or do they differ?



  1. Written by, “Michael Comatose Wright” on my FB PAGE!

    “Men make it very easy for women to take advantage of their lack of attention, which leads to manipulating them.”

    Read a book called, “The 48 Laws of Power”. Anybody can be manipulated if they aren’t paying attention.

    I took a strong interes…t in this blog, it was a good read. I feel like men and women are equally, stronger and weaker in different areas to balance it out.

    One thing about a woman that I do know, have always known is that you guys do have a shell, as you say,

    “You can never understand a woman, she only lets you in on what SHE wants you to know. We hold back a lot, men always think we give our all.”

    I’m speaking for myself when I say this: As long as I know that I can plan out different scenarios in my head to predict your actions.

    The Patience to think is truly a virtue, and the key to unlocking doors, to anyone’s mind. Not just a woman, because a man can also be unpredictable.

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