To Be Real or Remain Unreal…


My perception on life is swiftly changing. At times, I tend to trail off into my fantasy life, the one I tend to live in during sleep, strolling around like everything is perfect being awakened by a fatal snap back into reality.

My reality is damn near my nightmare, it seems to be taking ages for me to mature not physically but mentally. To learn new things, play with new ideas, to simply venture out into the “world” but I’m not rushing it. Life isn’t something I chose to live; I was born, grew up & constantly growing, but for the most part forced to be on earth.

Should my world remain unreal, false, just mumbled thoughts scrambled in my mind?

Or should it be lived, declared to be real, become dreams in reality?

It may be possible but those who dream big have to live big. In order for me to live out my dreams, I have to live through my reality. Pushing constantly day by day to get where my mind rests happily.

Am I too weak, distraught and discouraged to want it all anymore. I have tried to fight, tried to breathe motive back into the center of each thought but what if it’s not good enough? What if what I seek, can never be achieved?

It’s up to me but right now I’m stuck “undecided”, being looped in what “could be real” and what “is real”….


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