My 9/11 Experience..


I remember that day clearly.

At that time, I lived in Brooklyn New York on Lenox Rd.

My sister at school, dad at work and my mom was at my brother’s school bailing him out of trouble because he wrote graffiti on his school walls..bad ass!

I was in the 3rd grade & in 3rd grade everything was exciting but always confusing..

We were listening to our teacher read us a book on the big mat laughing, giggling, having a joyous time.

All of a sudden…..the earth began shaking.

We had no idea what happened but we pretended nothing happened for a min..then all hell broke loose…

Kids started getting picked up, people were was dusty; at my age I had no idea what was going on but I grew to understand.

Each year, as 9/11 pasted, I began to understand the hurt and the pain people felt. I could never forget that day..its a day never to forgotten.


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