Hypothetical Love..

He said, “I love you.”

Prior to the conversation we were having, I said, “I love you too. Your way of calming me down?”

His response, “There is no motive to me saying it, just stating a fact, letting you know.”

I asked him, “Hypothetically speaking, what if I told you I didn’t love you, how would you feel then?”

His response, “I would except that and pray that one day you will come to love me, grow to love me as much as I do you.”

This is far from a hypothetical love.

This is my life.

People call this a “fairytale” just a sweet fantasy;  I call it my escape, my reality. Finally coming to the realization that no matter how hard I may try to run away from this, from him, I wont get too far because I’m apart of him. He’s attached to me.  I have his heart, in return, he holds mine.

How could I believe this is a “friendship”, something my mom called it because of the distance. He told me to let go of it and hold on to what I know to be real, how sweet of him to say.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating on this “reality”, this world that I live in, this love. Not that I’ve ever doubted it but that I’m afraid it’s too surreal, feeling as if it’s a figment of my imagination, if it was, why wont I wake up or snap back into reality. The only true way to awake from a dream is by death but if this is reality my death would not be my awakening but my conclusion in life. So what are my other options?

People live their lives searching for a love like this, a love with no boundaries, no limits to how far of a love stretch you could go.  Or is this too hypothetical to be real? The only bond a person can have so strong is with God & even so with Him it is never so physical, never so intact intimately.  Why? Because you serve God, you worship him. The bond you have with another human could never amount to it but it can also never be compared to it.

Is this really a hypothetical love? A figment of my imagination? Too good to be true? If not, why out of all people do I deserve this?


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