Best Dream I Ever Had feat. Drake Graham


This is a dream I had on September 8, 2010.

It started off at a dead party that a friend and I were attending. Everyone was tight and bored, somehow the convo shifted and we began talking about the Drake concert that was gonna be taking place that same night near my house. No one knew exactly were it was but we heard it was close by so we called up my friend Google. He directly gave me the address and my friend and I left to get ready.

When we got to my house, we realized that we didn’t have any money to get in the concert, i got tight but began stirring up an evil “plan b” in my head. It was supposedly $50 to get in, our parents was NOT having that, being as Godly as they are, they didn’t “do” concerts but I didn’t care, they couldn’t understand that this was a Drake’s concert, the love of my life, I HAD TO GO!

Rebellion took over as I began getting dressed, I didn’t dress all sexy but I surely did look cute. I made sure I kept the thought of my boyfriend in my head. While my friend called her parents to ask if she could go, I walked out the room to check my surroundings & surf a clean sweet plan. I clearly was rebelling because I didn’t ask shit, like I said, they wouldn’t understand.

As I walked back in my room, her face was distraught and upset, she couldn’t go, I thought. Push came to shove, she won the battle, told her parents I was having a little get together at my house and wanted to spend the night, they fell dumb hard for it. Victory was ours, all we had to do was get there.

She got dressed & we got ready to head out the back door, until my sister ruined it! My plan was to lock my room door and leave the house, they wouldn’t know I left but only think I was sleeping, perfect plan too. After blabbering on questioning God why she was born, my sister made plans of her own and wanted to go over a friend’s house and I had to take her there. I complained that I had no gas, she didn’t care. We ended up leaving and I guess I dropped her off because she disappeared..(thank God).

Down the road, we picked up another friend, (that I didn’t see after we got to the concert but sometimes that’s how dreams work) headed to the concert as merry as life felt to us. It was around 7 pm, the concert started at 8 pm, when we got there, there were only scattered people sitting in chairs. (Not your average Drake concert I’m sure but a dream is a dream!). We took the opportunity to jump near stage, in front, I almost pissed my panties feeling as excited as I did.

Drake arrived 5 mins later, people brushed passed him, damn near drooled on him saying “hi”, typical fan. In my head, I did the same exact thing but as I walked toward him, I said “hey” and walked away, smoothly. He stopped me, looked at me and asked if I had a boyfriend, I said, “yes, he lives in New York”. His response, he smiled asked for my name and number so he could put it in his blackberry. (SCORE!) Then I realized he was only a guy & with this trait, he walked around and did the same thing to every other girl who reacted as smoothly to him as I did. I didn’t care, I still love him and that’s all that matters.

In my head, I was having a field day! The concert started and I recorded everything! But as soon as it started,it finished. (Kept forgetting it was a dream! Ugh! Curses!!)

Drake disappeared and I woke up after being chased by a gay chick down my school halls. Don’t ask, it’s just a dream that turned into a nightmare.

I just had to get it all down, share it to the world.This is dedicated to Drizzy, even though he’ll never read it, I still love him. Today is “Drizzy’s Day!”

No serious Drake, if you read this, call me, my number is 678-549..nixxa, what the fuck?!

I love you but I don’t know you like that lol.

Email me or

My twitter is

When I know its really you, I’ll send my number lol..

MWWWWAAAAHH! Nuff said! He he..


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