Eff the Truth…..A Lie Turns Me On

Ask me a question, I promise I’ll tell you the sweetest lie…that’s my translation of what a guy says to under age females when his “lil man” gets “happy” and wants to go to sleep.

Hell, at the rate people are going in with sin the world should feel better corrupted. Seems like everyone rather a lie over the truth, or maybe just to navie to see the difference. I hear they please the ears quite nicely, even does wonders for the body…

Oh really, you think I’m lying? Let’s take a trip down some girls memory lane so you can get the picture. Now tell me what happened when that guy said, “Baby, I love you and if you love me, you’d have sex with me.”

What did YOU think she did? Oh right, smiled and gave in to his sweet talk and missed your cycle 2 weeks later.

Ooops. Did I say too much or should I keep going?

I’ll stop.

My point? Lies keep girls open, and by open I mean, legs spread, breast bouncing, mouth wide OPEN. Seems to me like their getting younger and younger, they just don’t seem to care, letting pride overtake their “joy” and being “happy” with whomever they pleased.

Kinda harsh huh? Seeing how I’m 17 and criticizing other females about what they do for “fun” in their own time, oh please. Half these girls are carrying AIDS, STDS and probably rabies but no one seems to care but gladly want to trade it for pleasure.

Hell, boys aren’t any better, especially college boys preying off innocent “freshmeat” who just hopped out of high school prancing around like their the shit, thinking he wants to chill and “get to know each other”.

Men, how about you read a book and at least look like you’re getting some damn education, real women don’t want dumb little boys who can only smell cash but can’t taste it.

Females, keep ya head in the books, work ya ass off and look as fly as you want, just understand that real men need a bad chick who can support herself and, unconsciously, support him.

Eff a lie, I want the truth with a dash of common sense, that shit turns me on!


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