Is Love Worth It…

This post is in reply to a blog a read before, it was titled “Bitter? Sweet?” (click the link to read it!)

I think love is worth fighting for.

The crazy thing about love is, it’s a risk. Love is MEANT to be pure, divine and among other things, risk free but through our lives we experience a heartbreak, corrupting love. You can never control love, you can never resist love. The sweetness, also known as the climax of love, causes people to want more of it, yearn for it.  The bitterness, also known as the tragedy or heartbreak, causes people to run from love, portraying it as a curse, as bitter.

Love is pure because God is love and He is  pure.
You can never go through life without a sprinkle of love, its in our nature to endure it, even if love turns “bitter”.


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