Trading a Million $$ for Happiness!!

I’d rather nothing over everything.

I’d sacrifice it all for happiness, even though the thought of doing so is crazy, I guess you can say I’ve never been very materialistic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a freaking Tech Geek and if I could buy a shit load of computers, phones, or off the wall technology just to sell or do whatever I pleased with them, i would….but is it worth my happiness?

Enjoying the simple pleasures of what the value of money is a human trait, i deflect that trait by never allowing it to come between my human emotions, losing site of what’s really important to me.

Money can do a lot for people; it hurts me to see those who suffer from illnesses that could be cure if they only had a few bills. Those who have the money choose to splurge on what makes THEM heathy, happy & satisfied. Money creates traits like greed, builds on selfishness, may even cause war.

All the money in the world can’t make a person happy, with all the riches, that person is never fully satisfied because truth be told, when they get bored money can’t buy company. Then again, it can but NOT FOR LONG DAMMIT!

Yes, yes, I know, money is used to survive through life, I understand that, just don’t let it become your God and empower your ever hearts desire. Use what you have for the greater good for yourself and others.

Id easily give away a million dollars for happiness, even if it’s not my own happiness, if I could do anything to brighten a smile with what I posses, I would never hesitate!


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