Kill Me…

Have you ever felt empty, hollow, without existence allowing thoughts to corrupt your mind?

Here’s a thought to focus on…kill me.

No purpose, just because.

Tell me how you’d kill me.

Right…this sounds crazy but as you stare me down, thoughts are stirring in your head, searching different angles to torture me.

Do it.

I dare you.

Let rage overtake every legitimate in your body, lose control of every fiber in your being…just give in.

Kill me.


No one will know.

It’s just you and I, after I’m died you can bury my body…no one will know its you, no one is watching.

Could you kill me, just to satisfy the people in my head?

The screams, the cries.

I can’t take it anymore!

Just kill me.

She dies…….

The purpose of this…

Sometimes I sit and think of ways people die, wondering how it would feel to lose my life.

The thought of the “afterlife”. The feeling of being empty, hollow, trapped in the state of nothingness.

It’s psychotic but my mind lives in a world of its own.

It wants to feel death, to live it.

The question still stands, are you willing to kill me?


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