People don’t understand how strong the act of forgiveness is.

Forgiving someone can free millions of souls, save millions of lives even purify evil. It’s possible.

Maybe what I say has no true meaning.

I believe there’s a reason for the jumbled thoughts that are placed in the depth of my head for me to un-scramble, to reform or rejoin each piece to its broken puzzle. A puzzle, I will one day finish.

Forgiveness, is the act one makes to free a captured soul from hurt, shame, hatred, etc. There is nothing like forgiveness.

I recently forgave someone. I told myself that holding a gun to their head didn’t help anything, it only placed two guns to mine and I surely didn’t want that, so I forgave them.

Many people say they “forgive” but never forget, you’re not suppose to. However, you are never supposed to unravel what was done to others, if you do so, you have not truly forgiven.

To completely forgive any man, you HAVE to forgive yourself. It may not make sense but it just has to be done, to purify your own soul.

Who have you forgave lately?


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