Day One to That Decision

It devastates me when the best decision is the worse one you can ever make.

When tears won’t form but your heart breaks every time a memory is revisited, a wound reopened.

It hurts.

Throwing everything away, from Day One to That Decision.

Knowing in your heart you clearly need that person in your life,  not intimately but emotionally. That person, is your backbone, your guide, your extra strength.

Now their gone.

You wish you could turn back the hands of time, making different decisions, choosing different paths, loving each other differently.

But you can’t. That’s the thing with life, there’s no turning back. It’s never in our imagination, it’s all real.

Regret can haunt you, kill you, never letting your mind rest peacefully. Reminding you of that decision, that day, that memory. But regret is a lesson, it’s a guideline added to the list of other regrets, something to follow, something to believe.

Even though the two most haunting emotions are pain and loneliness, stay strong. Remember, everything happens for a reason, the reason may not be clear at first, but it will soon reveal itself.


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