WTF! Not another love story?!!

I find it amazing how much he loves me.

That he chooses to put up with me.

Not saying I’m a handful, (SN: although, sometimes I can be) just that its incredible to know his views on life shifted when I appeared in the picture, as little as I am.

Picturing ourselves together for a lifetime, having two beautiful children, (SN: hopefully twins, God please send us twins!! AMEN!) living in the busy city of New York, not only happy but in love. Its our dream, something that will soon be our reality.

The journey for finding “true love” is ridiculously hard. Just to find that one person whose simple words creates a smile on your face, in your mind, and across your heart EVERYTIME, its amazing.

Funny thing is, I don’t know how it happened, why it happened but I’m sure as hell glad it did because without this guy, my other half, my Alex, I don’t know how id function correctly.

Oh and for all you suckie haters, I don’t care if he lives in NY and I’m in Atl, distance can’t hinder love!

FYI, you can never be too young to be in love, your age indicates your current lifespan, not how your heart reacts to another human being.

Love finds love, my love found me!




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