Homeless Need Love Too …

Driving down Wesley Chapel Road each day can be a real pain.

Just to see the men and women with their “I’m homeless.  God Bless You” signs tear me apart.

If I could, I would adopt a homeless man/woman.

I would feed them, clothe them, shelter then but most of all love and respect them.

Most homeless people end up in their situation because of the lack of self-respect and love they show to themselves.

Others end up there because of bankruptcy, insanity, or just because they gave up on themselves.

I couldn’t imagine myself being homeless.

Living out of a plastic bag.

Eating out of a trashcan.

Living in one suit of clothes without a shower and the proper equipment to clean my body correctly.

With no family willing enough to take me in their homes, no one who cared enough to help me.

I would feel broken, empty, lonely. Abandoned.

So when I see the homeless roaming Wesley Chapel Road, I search each corner of car, under each mat, in every compartment, just for some change.

Knowing in the back of my head, I question what they really do with the loose change.

But at that exact moment, I don’t care.

If they resort to alcohol, drugs, needles.

If they place themselves back on the streets.

Thats not my problem, its theirs.

Unfortunately, I’ll never know the true desire of each homeless man/woman.

I just pray God will have mercy over each soul.

SN: Gooosshh.. I hope their okay in the rain 😥



  1. I know how you feel. I always think the same. Some times it is really sad. Other times, its just a lack of direction and them choosing to do what they think will relieve them from their world – drugs/alcohol. Hopefully, there is a way out for everyone. It is quite the thought of what it’s like for them in heavy storms and especially these New York winters.

    • Yes, the weather is a killer. I know many homeless people die because of weather, lack of nourishment. When every I can, I will try my hardest to fight for the hopeless, no matter the cost because NO ONE deserves to be in their position, even if they deserve it.

  2. Wow this is so true very sad I usually get them food how ever many I see cause what’s it gonna cost me maybe 3$ per homeless person? I would have spent it on BS anyways.. We should start a food run for the homeless 🙂 I’m here in long island and where the majority of the bay shore homeless live there is no food pantry so… I think it would b a great idea

    • It would be a GREAT idea but there arent much people who think to share what they have with homeless. They feel as though they have “placed” themselves there for a wrong decision they made. Its sad. Very sad. We can all put forth a little and that can turn into A LOT ..

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