If anyone has heard of CAU (Clark Atlanta Uni.) the first thing people this of is, its a HBCU, which are normally good. People assume that its a great place to send their child and so they do. What they dont know is that CAU is a run down, unorganized, boring, money needy school!

CAU, is very unorganized. Many students that have attend here for a few years & are currently upperclassmen, found no point in attending the “mandatory” activities that were issued to them & now issued to freshmen/transfer. From word of mouth, they explained to me how its not worth time. For those who arent familiar with “CAU Experience”, its an event filled week that’s claimed to be “mandatory” which is about 10% of your final exam. Bull.

CAU, has had many set backs. Besides being unorganized, they contemplate what “students” would like to do, hear, and/or participate in. During this week, you are required to dress up in business attire from 9am to 7pm & from 7pm until the last event you are allowed to wear casual wear. Many upperclassmen have stated, “Dressing up is not that serious, wear what you feel is comfortable for you.” School officials beg to differ but who to believe.

Now, you may be wondering why im upset and/or why I feel HATRED towards this school. Well my answer is simple, I JUST HATE THIS SCHOOL! Its a waste of money & the only reason why I HAVE to put up with this is because my money was already invested into it. I have heard time and time again, HBCU schools have a lot of PROBLEMS! Now i see why its been said.

I regret going to school here but my goal is to graduate. Classes start next week & books are an arm & both legs but with God’s mercy, i’ll live.

Thanks for allowing me to vent to you.


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