Changing the World …

The world has many different flaws that could be repaired and refurbished but as human beings it is almost impossible to repair the world without a united agreement. Many people may say that the world is corrupted with sin, false truths, a lack of forgiveness, depression, stress and many more. One thing people find it hard to do is forgive and help each other through struggles and down falls. Changing the world would only result in purity, not that this is a bad result but as God has given His children the knowledge and wisdom to choose wise paths in life, He has also given the world destruction for Him to prove his almighty power.
Each flaw that is set upon us in this world, such as, abuse both physically & mentally, environmental destruction, politicization, racism, poverty, injustice, war, cruelty any many other heart breaking flaws, are set here not divide us, but to unite us to fight against one thing, evil. Many people fail to realize that each person is fighting for the same thing, those who are not are united in one shape or form. My solution to change the world is unity.


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