Heres To New Beginnings….

College life, here it beginnings.

I didn’t want to be on campus, I didn’t want to live the “Campus Life” but I have no other choice & at this point I’ve gotten over it.

My day, well lets day it started early.

Woke up constantly throughout the night, I guess it’s because even though I didn’t want to admit it, I was anxious.

My body decided to get up at around 7: 20 am.

I packed my two suitcases in my car, the rest in my moms car so my sister, Rashida, & friend, Tashii could fit in my car.

Left the house at 9 am, made a pitstop at the gas station & headed on 20 west to exit 56b.

Checked in. Got my key. Unpacked my car & headed upstairs to my new home.

The room, well, wasnt sooooo big but it was big enough to fill our necessities inside our room.

Got settled in, didnt unpack my suitcase though.

My mom, sister, and friend stayed for about an hour and had to head to church.

After they left, I started taking out clothes and hanging it up. Ran out of hangers.

My roommate came and dropped off her stuff. We spoke & so far were getting along GRRREEATT! : )

After she left, i sat down in front of my computer, with no wi-fi but thank God for Android Smartphones!! I used usb tether!

Around 1:30 pm, I noticed i needed a  few things. My mom left with me with a bit of pocket change so I got what I needed.

Went back on my side of town, which took about 20-30 mins. Went to a store & got what I needed.

Went home. Ate a bit and waited until my fam came home from church.

They came. I ate dinner. Left to drop off Tashi. Went back home.

Around 6:30 pm, my body felt tired so I fell asleep for an hour. My roommate texted me saying she was on her way back to the dorm.

I got back to the dorm. She wasnt there so I finished getting settled in.

About 20 mins later, she arrived.

We talked. Got along & unpacked.

I finished unpacking and decided to vent to you.


Heres to new beginnings …


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