After Death, My Will.

If I happened to die in my sleep, the first person is seek, after God, is you.

Id come to you, in my angel form, just to tell you im okay, ressauring you that my life was well spent, even though im future wasnt all fully lived.

Id comfort you. Watch you until you fell asleep, refusing to allow you to torture yourself.  Occasionally jumping into your dreams just to play out the life we were suppose to live but didnt.

After death, id watch your every move. Protect you, even though you know kung-fu, so id only be doing it for my pleasure.

Id flash old memories thru your mind, even create a few, so you could picture me happy, safe in your arms.

Id will for you to receive what you chose from my belongings, from my own collection of you to my undies .. giggles. I’d ask them to send my heart to you when they cut me open so you could cherish it as if it was stop beating.

Even if another female decided to sympathize with you & steal you away from your thoughts of me, I’d allow it. She’ll hate it though. I’d haunt the living daylight out of her. Don’t mistake this for me being selfish. Yes, I understand id be dead & you’d claim no one could ever take my place in your heart, id just make sure of that.

I love you.


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