My BestFriend..

I don’t remember meeting you but im happy we met.

You can be a great pain in the ass sometimes but with every good thing comes a bad thing.

I do know you’re very important to me & my loved ones see the same thing.

Sometimes I wonder if you understand your importance, if you ever thought of how much I really needed you as a person, as a friend, as my bestfriend.

Although I have a few other bestfriends, you stick out the most. Your like a stinky sock in a load of clean ones, the one that was accidentally put in too late & wasnt washed clean enough. Thats how bold and smelly you are to me.

People say we fight like a married couple, even though they all know we have other “loves in our lives”, they say we argue too much just the same. The only truth we find in that is the best part of arguing is knowing we’d have the best time talking about it afterwards, probably even after we joke about it until it gets stale and needs to be thrown out.

Being the opposite sex of one another, people find it hard to believe that we can only be friends but we make it possible. Our friendship is too irreplaceable to replace with being in a “relationship”. It just doesnt fit. We know each other too well & the arguments would get even worse until I KILL YOU because you wouldnt dare to kill me.

Anywho, I just wanted to share to the world that I love my bestfriend Ross J. Johnson even when he b*tches .. lol

P.S. Hush Moi, Ann, Blaq, Terry & Di-Di .. I love you too ggoooooooossssshhh!!

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