Dear God..

Dear God,

First, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to write to you.

I know you may be busy right now but I just needed to vent & everyone is too busy.

I really appreciate all that you’ve done & what your continuing to do for me.

You’re probably waiting for me to say “thank you” for everything you’ve done; well, I kinda left a posted note on your desk but I figured you couldn’t read it under all the cluter of problems coming from the rest of the world.

I do understand I get a bit selfish sometimes & want you all to myself.  I shouldn’t come to you only when I need something or when I feel alone. (( I’ve been waiting for the circumstances that follow up with that, I know thats coming. )) If you can allow me to, I can explain myself; its only because we haven’t spoken in so long and you’ve always provided without me asking that Ive gotten so accustomed to each blessing and I forget to praise you. My bad.

You may just be fed up of  me & the “im sorry”, “what can I do to make it up”, “Lord, forgive me”, “You know my heart” and the rest of pitiful excuses I say to you as I pray. I apologize, I know your probably tired of some people too. Well Lord, what more can I say or do? You’re a busy man with many people to feed, shelter, clothe, and love so I dont want to feel as though I’m taking up your time.

I guess I’ll make this short, can you stop by sometime, watch me while I sleep? Tuck me in? Whisper in my ear, “I love you”? Can you carry me thru the sand when I feel so alone? Will you teach me how to be like you? I know this may take some time for me to get a response but I’m willing to wait patiently. Oh Lord, don’t stop blessing me because even though Im not worthy, I need you.


Your Child


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