Racial Observation

I want to start off by saying, this is not a racial blog. I am just a very observant person that lets my imagination take the best of me.

Im currently sitting in the doctors office waiting to be called back to be seen, a young lady around 16 is sitting in front of me, to my left, with her mother to her right. Her hair is blond with red/orange stripes, which fits her face. About 4 seats to her left, sits an older woman, around the age of 50+, holding an infant who apprantely has tummy issues. The seats around her are now empty, seeing as though patiences had been called in, seen, got results and left.

My fascination with another race is not only externally but it goes into the depth of thier lifestyle. We all know that each race gets treated differently because of their skin color, not that many people want to admit this fact but in many cases it has occurred before. As i sit patiently waiting to be seen, the young lady beginnings to speak to her mother in a low discrete tone but obviously loud enough for me to hear. She complains about her back, which was normal because we were at the Orthopedics Office.

As she began speaking, however, I noticed she had a deep southern accent. Before she had ever opened her mouth, I began to create a visual of what her life may have been like. Judging from her clothing choice, which was a tshirt & shorts, I concluded she wasn’t into fashion or couldn’t afford it. She seemed to be a bit open minded & friendly because she occasionally smiled my way.

Ive always imagined Caucasian people to have a fancy, high maintenance lifestyle, knowing that not everyone could afford the glamor filled life, I viewed them to bold out going shopaholics. Maybe my intentions were wrong but its only in my opinion. It may be that the different racial cultures I view on tv has set me in that mental state. There are many instances where, in a movie, a person of a different race would refer to an event as “something a {race} would do”. It has been said freely being each race has been mentally accustomed to the different lifestyles of the people around them.

Time after time I have sat and thought about how it would feel to be born as another race. What privileges I would endure that I dont have now & most of all how others would view and treat me as that race. What race would you like to visualize yourself as being? Why?


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