What Happens …

What happens when the world falls down around you and you’re broken to pieces but no one seems to notice or care?
What happens when no one is there to lean on and your soul is empty and dark with no urge to exist?
What happens when suicide attempts and stray marks to your body only leaving scars and cause unneeded attention? What happens when you die within yourself and all fails, even love?
What happens?
She questioned herself, having no one else to ask these questions. She faced the wall of a dark ally and spoke profoundly through the dark misty air, as if with a whisper from the wind it would respond to her unanswered questions. What happens?  Emptiness, betrayal, brutality, pain, sickness, loneliness, but never forgiveness; those were only some of what she felt, the list could carry on for days, years, decades, centuries filling books containing thousands of pages, words of just she felt would fill them. Being alone was second nature to her. She believed everything she had been through, everything she stood for, were all a set up. A plan created by her enemies but she just didn’t know who they were. Questions often trailed through her mind, each question remained unanswered.
What happens?Often, she remembered hearing, as she traveled through the heartless streets of hell on earth, sayings such as, “Patience comes easier when you think about God’s timing rather than your own.” She didn’t believe that. Patience didn’t exist to her; it was only a mere word that had no importance in her life along with many other things, like God. Did He really exist? Was He worth the patience, the tears?
What happens after it all?

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