Profound Love Rejected

Profound Love Rejected

Positioning his self opposite of her, he looked deeply into her eyes as he prepared to confess his love to her. To tell her what he knew she wanted to hear by simply speaking the words so clearly only not knowing of the fate waiting ahead a few moments later. The fate of being rejected by a dashing look away and a slowly falling tear.

Puzzled and hurt by her unexpected reaction he patiently waited for an answer, although no question was asked, he stared at her wondering what may have caused this result. With no answer, he thought of solutions, playing out what options may be at hand. His solution “she found fault in his love. Like something was missing, or as if he was not seemingly sincere enough for her heart to take in what was true.

“I love you, I’ll always love you”. She couldn’t believe it, something meant to be as pure as a dove turned out to be filthier than a hog to her. As if all she felt was pain from past heartaches which caused those spoken words to only to be empty & leave her dumbfounded in a puddle of her own tears. She gave up on “love” long before it could destroy what was left of her heart.

He couldn’t cure what poisoned her, the only cure was the truth and to her the truth didn’t exist. So what was left to do, to believe in, to light the burned out fire? Nothing. He was her last hope, he was her true love and now that love has come and gone, it only leaves heartache, pain, & rejection. Rejected from a profound love.


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