Just Thoughts Mixed With Emotion

I’ve realized in our lives we will lose a loved one, either emotionally or physically, being a friend or a family member. Knowing that, that loved on is dead & gone; we set ourselves in a mournful mindset, which is, in most cases, normal. It is a human way to vent, to release pain, anger, stress, depression and a lot of other unspeakable things. We will miss their presence & endure painful memories which were once joyful but meaning less than what it was originally intended for.

I personally have lost a loved one & not only had it been a painful experience but it was also an eye opener to life. It made me realize that life is a gift, it is a blessing and it is meant to be lived day by day with a heart full of rejoice because one day, you won’t have the opportunity to live. My first state was denial; I could not believe that it was possible for her death to occur, for her to die so young, for her to not have the time to live her life. She was 16 and it wasn’t her time, in my opinion, but God has already set his divine plan and what was meant to happen, happened.

I will never forget her as a person, as a loved one, as cousin, as a friend. Just as I will never forget Late Pastor Al Randall, Bishop Green and anyone that passed that I have known. Life IS a gift and even though I go thru life being selfish and not rejoicing each day, I hope God will forgive me.

This wasn’t meant to be this long, nor was it meant to say anything in specific, I just needed to vent to the world and to myself.

RIP .. We Miss You!


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