Follow Your Heart

Why do thoughts only cause more problems than not thinking at all? By just thinking, it can corrupt your whole soul, turning you into a crazy broken bitch or an overly emotionally pussy. Why do thoughts imprison you, controlling your every move, like if there traps set from the devil himself? Sometimes thoughts set you up to fail, knowing you’d think destructively and cause a scene or appear crazy. Thoughts can kill your insides, tear you up and destroy you eternally but who really cares. Thought crimes are made by millions of people every minute, even by the second, but the law can’t arrest you for what you think, only if you act upon it. Too much thinking can cause a headache. Just to think about the millions of problems people go through daily and what they do about it can cause stress. After stress comes sickness, with sickness comes death. I’m not afraid of dying; just afraid of where I’ll end up because no one can truly say the afterlife is worth looking forward to if they haven’t experienced it themselves.In every man and woman there lies doubt, doubt of what to really expect or who to really believe. They follow guidelines, such as the Bible, and live their lives for one goal, being with Christ someday, but in their minds there is still a small doubt. It may not be an overpowering feeling but it’s a feeling on standby until thoughts slowly being to corrupt their minds. No one can honestly determine what is ever next, what to believe in, who to trust, or where your thoughts may lead you to. So I always say, follow your heart. But what if your heart is broken and corrupted? Well damn, you’re on your own.


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